MoJ Call For Evidence On Personal Injury Claims Law Society Response

Last week, the Law Society responded to the Ministry of Justice’s call for evidence on personal injury claims arising from package holidays and related matters, arguing that a clampdown on bogus claims must not affect access to justice.

The Society supports the government’s intention to clamp down on fraudulent holiday sickness claims. However, we believe that any reform of holiday sickness claims should maintain access to justice for those with genuine cases, and they should receive fair and just compensation. The Society also condemns unauthorised and unethical claims management activity in this area, and calls for a ban on cold calling for all personal injury cases.

The Society supports the principle of fixed recoverable costs for simple, low value and straightforward holiday sickness claims if the costs and accompanying legal process is workable.

Download the Law Society's response

Read the Law Society's press release

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MoJ call for evidence on personal injury claims - Law Society response
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