This is only an example, but be nice and play along.

Imagine if one of Alabama's U.S. senators -- say, Richard Shelby -- had a long-standing feud with one of his neighbors in the swanky part of Tuscaloosa. And, imagine if that neighbor punched Shelby one day in his front yard and sent the senator to the hospital. And, imagine if it was the talk of T-town, rumors and all.

That's what's happening in Bowling Green, Ky., home of U.S. Sen. Rand Paul.

If you haven't heard, Paul suffered broken ribs and other injuries a few weeks ago when his neighbor, Rene Boucher, tackled him while was mowing the grass. Boucher has been arrested. And from there, the story only gets weirder.

Consider this from GQ Magazine:

"Like most everyone else in the Rivergreen development, Boucher pays in the ballpark of $150 a month for professional landscaping, while Paul insists on maintaining his yard himself. Resident Bill Goodwin said that part of what nagged at Boucher was the difference in grass length between his lawn and that of his libertarian neighbor's. 'He had his yard sitting at a beautiful two-and-a-half, three inches thick, where Rand cuts it to the nub,' Goodwin said.

"Also at issue, according to Goodwin, is Paul's tendency to mow outward at the edge of his property, spraying his clippings into Boucher's yard. Boucher, he said, has asked Paul to instead mow inward when near the boundary line, and even sought help from the Rivergreen Homeowners Association but has gotten no relief."

Trust me on this: the story gets crazier as it progresses. Thank goodness this bit of nutty political behavior is a few states north of us. We have enough of it already.

-- Phillip Tutor

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