6 Things You Must Know Before Filing A Car Accident Injury Lawsuit

(Newswire.net -- November 11, 2017) -- No one plans to be involved in a car accident. It's painful and very traumatic, especially if it happened due to the recklessness or negligence of another person. More important is the fact that it could even lead to death.

Most victims of a car accident experience brain injury, neck and back injuries, diaphragm rupture, chest injuries, pelvis and abdominal injuries, etc.

These can cause a lot of depression, especially if a body part has to be amputated due to the degree of the injury.

You might probably just want to settle the case amicably and get a fair settlement without going for court proceedings every other day, but what if the other driver refuses to be fair? What if he doesn't agree to the fair settlement and tries to turn it all on you?

There'll be no other choice left than to file for a car accident lawsuit.

Confused on where to begin? Here are 6 things you should know before you file a car accident lawsuit.

1. Speak to the other party's insurance company

Before you file a lawsuit, contact the insurer of the person who caused the accident.

You will have a representative from the other party's insurance company assigned to your case and you'll be asked to give your version of the event and also make a statement.

Rest assured that the insurance company will try to deny or undervalue your claim, that's why you have to hire an experienced car injury attorney beforehand.

He/she'll guide you through the process to ascertain that none of your claims go unprocessed.

2. Medical records of your injury

Before you file a car accident injury lawsuit, you must know that having a medical report is important.

Medical documentation such as diagnostic testing results, treatments given while at the hospital, drugs prescription from the doctor and emergency room records. Get receipts for every bill you paid and prescribed drugs bought.

If you have all these present, you're one step ahead of the other party.

3.  Pictures of accident scene

Car accident attorney Stephen Babcock advises that you take pictures of the scene immediately after the accident. It may be very difficult to stand on your own due to the injuries sustained, but you have to know that it's important to take pictures of the accident scene –especially colour of the car, plate number, driver, damages caused to your car and injuries sustained.

If you decide to return to the accident scene the next day, the supposed evidence might have been altered by man or nature, so it's better you do it immediately.

Keep these pictures safely and away from social media if you truly intend on filing a lawsuit.

4. Doctor's statement

You'll need a detailed statement from your doctor, stating the nature of your injury, drug prescriptions and recommended treatment.

In case of permanent damage, your doctor would outline care procedures you'll need in the nearest future.

5. Try to stay away from social media

You have just been involved in a car accident, it'll be quite unbelievable if you start posting videos of you drinking and driving, texting behind wheels or even doing physical activities such as yard work or exercises.

Posting activities like these on social media can be used against you in court, giving the opposite party an upper hand.

6. Consult an attorney

Before you file a lawsuit, it's best you consult an experienced attorney. He/she will guide you through the process, ensuring that you get the justice you deserve.

Experiencing a car accident injury is very unfavourable and can change your life entirely, or even cause the loss of a loved one. It’s only fair you get appropriate justice.

Follow the 6 tips above and you'll have yourself a solid case to file.

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